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Ivy Tutor offers a suite of pre-college services that make students stand out and get them accepted. From test prep & subject tutoring to top tier college entrance advising, Ivy Tutor is the gift of a brighter future. 

Unparalleled expertise means unsurpassed results. We offer proven strategies backed by the latest research and experienced test prep professionals.

Leverage your student’s natural abilities. We work with each student to ensure they are able to demonstrate mastery over the subject content.

Guidance through all steps of the college application process: college selection, college admissions writing and review, college application guidance and follow-up.

The Ivy Tutor Difference

Ivy Tutor’s approach combines one-on-one consulting that yields a deep understanding of a student’s needs with a personalized plan that drives results again and again.

Ivy Tutor believes that, for the most competitive schools, the difference is at the margins: one more point on a test will open a new door.

Parents who put their trust in test prep and college advising experts should be guided by people who approach their student’s future with the same seriousness and resolve.

Achieve Your Top Score Guranteed*

With Ivy Tutor’s Top Score Guarantee, if a student is able to further improve on their score, we’ll cover the extra test prep costs. It’s our commitment to offering you the most effective test preparation available and protecting parents from runaway test prep costs. Conditions apply.

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One-On-One Connection

Our dynamic tutors connect with students to guide them towards high scores and brighter futures.

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