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Unparalleled Expertise. Unmatched Results

Proven strategies backed by the latest research and experienced test prep professionals.

Leverage your student’s natural abilities. We work with each student to develop meaningful improvement.

Our tutors leave no stone unturned. Every additional point opens new doors.

The Ivy Tutor difference

Ivy Tutor understands that every additional point on a test opens the door to another college or university.
That is why local Ivy Tutors leave no stone unturned in their mission to give your student the brightest possible future.

Set your student up for success now

How Ivy Tutor Approaches Success


Top Tutors

Our team features the top best prep experts in Bergen County and Manhattan.


Inspiring Personalities

Our dynamic Bergen County & Manhattan Instructors activate students’ interest and curiosity. We expect our students’ best.


Unique Insights

Our time-tested and scientifically informed tutoring strategies harness our students’ natural strengths.


Impactful Sessions

Every session features an hour of active angagement between the tutor and the student.


Free and Unlimited Practice Tests

Simulated testing and continual diagnostic feedback are pillars of effective test prep. We offer these weekly in Bergen County area classroom location.


Tom B.
Parent of 11th grade student
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