Sunday Practice Test Status: 
 for May 26th
Next Practice Test is scheduled for
 in Hillsdale, NJ 



Not sure whether to take the ACT or SAT exam? Our quiz can help you to make an informed decision!
1. I earn good grades because I work hard in school
2. I’ve taken pre-calculus and I feel comfortable with the material
3. I can do well on tests that I haven’t studied for
4. I find my science classes interesting
5. I find it rewarding to figure out the answer to challenging questions
6. In school, I finish tests before others do
7. I can follow multi paragraph passages without too much difficulty, even if the passage is uninteresting.
8. I’m a good writer, and I’d like to show colleges further evidence of my strong writing ability
9. I'm good with technology and often think of creative ways to use it.