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College Consulting

Ivy Tutor provides provides college entrance guidance and insights at all levels of the application process. In addition, we help students build and convey a unique and compelling personal brand that resonates with college admissions people and wins their hearts and minds. 

Ivy Tutor College Advisors

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8th – 10th Grade

High School Planning | Taking Advantage of the Early Start

Ivy Tutor starts students on a path to high school and collegiate success. We evaluate your student’s class selection, extra-curricular activities and volunteer work to develop a narrative that will intrigue college admissions representatives. By creating a focused pathway for students to pursue their passions, we can begin to build a narrative that puts your student at an advantage.


11th Grade

College Selection | Choosing the Right Universities

We match parents and students with colleges and universities, offering an array of options, from high-probability schools to reaches. Ivy Tutor ensures that students apply to a range of schools that complement their academic pursuits, extracurricular interests, personality and goals. By selecting appropriate schools, students and parents will have the right options for a brighter future.


Summer before 12th Grade

College Essay Creation | Writing a Winning Personal Statement

The personal statement shares a student’s story. More importantly, it tells college admissions officers how a student will benefit the university. Ivy Tutor evaluates a student’s unique qualities and life experiences, and then helps to craft a compelling narrative that helps the student stand out from the pack. Every student has a story to tell that can change “maybe” into “accepted!” We help tell that story.


Fall 12th Grade

College Application Guidance | Skillfully Shaping an Exemplary Application

Our meticulous approach turns each application into a masterpiece that stands out in the competitive admissions landscape. With Ivy Tutor’s guidance, students submit applications that not only meet criteria but also capture the essence of their unique journeys, significantly increasing the likelihood of gaining admission to their dream schools. Students will submit polished supplements they’re proud of and be prepped for admissions interviews at their top-choice reach schools. 


Spring 12th Grade

College Application Follow-Up Guidance | Demonstrating Continued Interest

Should your student be placed on the waitlist or in the regular decision pool (upon being deferred from the early application pool), Ivy Tutor advisors will guide students on the next steps to take. Ivy Tutor evaluates your student’s performance since a waitlist or deferral was received and investigates ways to improve their chances of earning admission.


Summer Before – Fall of Freshman Year of College

College Success Coaching | Ensuring Success in College and Beyond

Once students are accepted, their new journey begins. It’s important that they are placed on a path to success. Ivy Tutor college advisors help prepare students for the college environment that requires increased diligence and discipline. Because freshmen are often in the same classes as upperclassmen, Ivy Tutor offers college-level writing support to ensure that students are equipped to thrive at the college level. 

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Anna has been a college advisor for more than seven years, during which she has successfully guided a diverse range of students through the intricacies of the college application process. She is passionate about helping students pinpoint their academic and career aspirations, and is an expert at guiding students down individualized pathways towards their goals.

Prior to her role at Ivy Tutor, Anna was immersed in academia, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies followed by a Master of Public Affairs from Brown University. Her interdisciplinary education, and her time spent living abroad in the UK and Mexico, has broadened her appreciation for the unique backgrounds and stories that students bring to the table.

Anna is currently furthering her education at the Yale School of the Environment, where she is pursuing a Master of Environmental Management with a focus on climate change science and solutions. She sees this as the last piece of the puzzle: not only is she equipped to think multi-dimensionally about environmental issues through scientific, political, and social lenses, but her expertise across disciplines enables Anna to work with students who have all sorts of interests. On top of this, Anna is a published memoir author and enjoys helping students craft compelling application essays that help them stand out in a crowd.

Originally from California, Anna is a Jeopardy! enthusiast who loves to travel and try new cuisines.

Joshua Velasquez

Joshua previously served as an admissions officer at Dartmouth College and before that worked in the admissions office at Stanford. His experience provides a broad knowledge of the admissions process and an understanding of the unique challenges of today’s evolving admissions landscape.

Joshua began his journey in admissions while he was an undergraduate at Stanford University, where he served for three years at Stanford’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions as an Admissions Associate. It was there he discovered a passion for helping students and parents navigate the world of college admissions.

From Stanford, Joshua moved east where he continued his work in admissions as a full-time Admissions Officer at Dartmouth College. There, he read applications from all over the world. His broad work with domestic and international applicants gave him a deep understanding of the diversity of students’ stories and capabilities, which informs his individualized approach designed to help students craft their winning narratives.

Joshua is presently working on his PhD at Princeton University. From this setting, Josh fuses both his academic and professional experiences to help students and parents navigate the admissions process with confidence.

Joshua hails from Texas. When he is not steeped in the world of higher education, Joshua is a passionate language learner, a Russian literature enthusiast and a harpist.