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Ivy Tutor Test Prep Tutoring offers expert test prep tutoring to empower students to score at their highest potential. 


  1. Students who complete Ivy Tutor’s Elite test prep program and further improve after using a competitor’s services may be eligible for reimbursement for test prep costs up to the amount paid for the Elite test prep program. 
  2. To be eligible, the student must complete the following steps:
    1. Satisfactorily complete Ivy Tutor’s Elite test prep program by attending all package tutoring sessions, completing assignments (which typically take less than 2 hours) for at least 80% of sessions, and taking at least 4 free and unlimited practice tests within 6 weeks of the exam date.
      1. If no on-site practice tests are locally available, student may be assigned virtually administered at-home practice tests.
    2. Complete a real SAT or ACT without a significant scoring irregularity.
      1. A significant scoring irregularity is defined as scoring 3 points lower on the ACT or 100 points lower on the SAT than the student’s Ivy Tutor practice test average
      2. If there is an irregularity, tune-up sessions and practice test opportunities will be provided at no cost to prepare for the following test. 
      3. The highest official score achieved during the Ivy Tutor test prep program will count as the Ivy Tutor top score.
    3. Receive instruction with another test prep service or established tutoring professional after completing the real SAT or ACT.
    4. Take one more official test and beat the Ivy Tutor top score.
      1. If something goes wrong during this test, students can cancel the score before it is reported and take the next test.
    5. Send test score history report and an itemized invoice from the competitor to
  3. Sessions must be spaced weekly in accordance with Ivy Tutor’s recommended test prep program structure.
  4. Ivy Tutor reserves the right to stipulate which test (i.e., the SAT or ACT) the student takes.
  5. This guarantee applies to single-day scores, not combined scores/superscores. 
  6. The first session of the Elite package must occur after the student has completed their sophomore year of high school. 
  7. Competitor’s services must be provided at their listed rate.
  8. Ivy Tutor will reimburse tutoring costs at a rate up to 1.5 times the average hourly rate paid for the Elite test prep program.
  9. Reimbursement covers net costs paid for competitor test prep services.
    1. Non-test prep costs (e.g., cancellation fees, missed lessons, etc.) will not be covered. Ivy Tutor may request attendance records.
    2. If competitor advertises a score guarantee, Ivy Tutor may require a notice from the competitor showing a denied guarantee claim request. 
  10. All disputes arising under or relating to the Top Score Guarantee are to be settled by binding arbitration in the State of New Jersey or another location mutually agreeable to the parties. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.


  1. Ivy Tutor Test Prep Tutoring  is a collaborative process between the Tutor and Student.
  2. Ivy Tutor employs a number of expert tutors. Ivy Tutor will endeavor to match the Student with the best fit. If parents request a replacement tutor, Ivy Tutor will provide a qualified replacement. There are a maximum of two such replacement requests.
  3. Tutors will be available via text or email for both the Student and their Parents for matters pertaining to Test Prep Instruction. 
  4. Scheduling changes must be made via text through the scheduling line: (301) 392-7933.
  5. Ivy Tutor has a 24-hour cancellation policy. 
  6. Each package offers a generous cancellation allowance. After the cancellation allowance is exhausted, cancellations will count toward a prepaid session. 
  7. A confirmation text will be sent out between approximately 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. A parent or student confirmation is sufficient for a session to proceed. Failure to confirm a session will be assessed as a regular cancellation.
  8. Ivy Tutor understands that life is unpredictable. To ensure sufficient regularity, all packages must be used within a period equal to 1.5x the weeks of the sessions provided in the package. For example, a package with 12 sessions must be used within 18 weeks. To extend the package length, parents may request a tutoring pause of a predefined length. 
  9. For late student arrivals, Ivy Tutor will attempt to provide the full session length of instruction. However, the session may have to end at the scheduled time if the tutor has a subsequent commitment. 
  10. Ivy Tutor may provide score projections. These are not to be construed as promises or guarantees. While positive improvement is always observed, predicting the degree to which a student will improve is inexact. 


  1. Ivy Tutor may replace up to 20% of in-person tutoring sessions with virtual sessions. 
  2. Parents may request meetings at an alternative location, provided that Student and Tutor have a quiet tutoring space free of distractions or interruptions. 
  3. Cancellations that occur after the tutor is enroute will count as a billable lesson.
  4. Tutors will endeavor to arrive on time but may arrive up to 30 minutes late. Parents will receive a notification as early as is feasible of arrivals that project to be more than 30 minutes late. Parents may then request a replacement meeting. 


  1. Tutors will meet with students via a video-conferencing service.
  2. Tutors may arrive up to 15 minutes late. Parents will receive a notification as early as is feasible of arrivals that project to be more than 15 minutes late. Parents may then request a replacement meeting. 
  3. In the case of technical difficulties, the lesson will be rescheduled.
  4. Students are required to keep their cameras on during all sessions. Tutors will also have their cameras on.


  1. Test Prep Tutoring is billed by the hour or deducted by the session (for packages).
  2. For hourly tutoring, a payment method must be on file that may be automatically charged.
  3. The tasks and services that count toward billable hours are those in which an Ivy Tutor Test Prep Tutor is offering live instruction.
  4. All packages must be prepaid by the initiation of the second session. 
  5. Packages have a three session opt-out window. At any time before the initiation of the fourth session, package costs can be returned minus the proportion of test prep time used.
  6. A cancellation fee of $60 will be assessed for cancellations made between 24 and 3 hours ahead of the scheduled session. Cancellations made less than 3 hours will be charged at 100% of the lesson fee or count against a pre-paid lesson (unless there are cancellation credits available).