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We’re a team of test prep experts and college admission consultants serving New York City and Northern New Jersey.

Ivy Tutor emphasizes high-quality instruction so students are able to earn higher scores and attain brighter futures.

About the Founder

In 2012, when Ivy Tutor founder, Ari Freuman, was in graduate school, he began teaching test prep. He saw that traditional test prep wasn’t helping students reach their potentials.

Informed by his graduate work in psychology, Ari departed from the standard approach to test prep and began to pioneer the Ivy Tutor approach. Word quickly spread and, in 2019, Ari founded Ivy Tutor,

Ivy Tutor’s Mission and Philosophy

Ivy Tutor understands that students at every level can learn and grow from a passionate tutor who can connect with the student and vividly describe concepts.

Ivy Tutor believes that difference between failure and success is often at the margins. That extra point on a test or that crucial insight during the application process will open new doors.

Ivy Tutors and college advising experts approach each student’s needs with unmatched resolve.

The Power of Our Methods

We understand just how complex the nature of learning is for each unique individual. We drive results by using evidence-informed methods that work with your student’s natural capabilities to help them succeed.

Ivy Tutor weaves cutting-edge test-taking strategies into individualized lessons. With every student, we begin by carefully observing how the student naturally proceeds as a test-taker. We then tailor our instruction toward our student’s strengths, making sure that each student feels challenged yet motivated.

Higher Scores,
Brighter Futures.