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Ivy Tutor Founder, Ari Freuman, Appointed as Blog Editor for the National Test Prep Association


Abu Morshed Julash

on January 20, 2024

Hoboken, N.J.– Ivy Tutor, a premier test preparation company, is proud to announce that its founder, Ari Freuman, has been appointed as the new blog editor for the National Test Prep Association (NTPA). This prestigious role recognizes Freuman’s significant contributions to the field of test preparation and his dedication to enhancing educational opportunities for students globally.

Ari Freuman, a renowned expert in SAT and ACT preparation, has been at the forefront of test preparation innovation, leading Ivy Tutor to become a leader in quality test prep services. Under his guidance, Ivy Tutor has expanded its reach beyond the New York Metropolitan area, offering virtual services worldwide, including subject tutoring and college advising. Freuman’s new role with the NTPA aligns with his lifelong commitment to education and his belief in importance of a universal standard that recognizes and validates students’ hard-earned skills.

The National Test Prep Association, a prominent trade association, is committed to enhancing the professional activities of test preparation providers through fostering collaboration among its members. It emphasizes sharing best practices, utilizing effective materials, and maintaining professional standards within the industry. Additionally, the NTPA advocates for the appropriate use of standardized tests in admissions and assessment, underlining their significance in the educational landscape. As the new blog editor, Ari Freuman will be instrumental in promoting these core principles. He will play a crucial role in circulating key information, endorsing best practices, and nurturing a network of professionals united in their mission to bolster student achievement and success in standardized testing.

“I am honored to join the National Test Prep Association as the blog editor,” said Ari Freuman. “This role presents an incredible opportunity to serve as a conduit between the brightest minds in test prep and a national audience. I am excited to be at the forefront of the latest and industry trends, as well as highlight the importance of test preparation in college admissions. At Ivy Tutor, we believe in empowering students to reach their full potential, and this new position with the NTPA allows us to extend that mission even further.”

In his new role, Freuman will oversee the creation and curation of content for the NTPA blog, collaborating with thought leaders in the industry to provide valuable resources for test preparation professionals and students alike. His expertise and leadership are expected to bring fresh perspectives to the association’s initiatives and to continue advocating for the role of standardized testing in education.

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Abu Morshed Julash

Though not a tutor, test prep, or admissions professional, Abu is an essential member of the Ivy Tutor team. He plays a pivotal role in keeping Ivy Tutor's operations running smoothly by managing its web-based activities. When not focused on enhancing the web experience for Ivy Tutor's visitors, Abu leads Target Wise Solutions, a global web development company.


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