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The Digital SAT: A New Opportunity for Student Success ๐ŸŒŸ

Discover how the new, streamlined SAT format can give you a competitive edge in college admissions.

Ari Freuman

on January 2, 2024

Big news for 2024: The SAT has gone digital! While many in the test prep industry are apprehensive about this change, Ivy Tutor is embracing it. The digital SAT introduces major innovations, offering our students a new way to stand out.

With the digital SAT, less is more:

โฑ๏ธ Less Time: The New SAT is just 2 hours!

๐Ÿ“š Less Reading: Goodbye long passages, hello concise questions.

โœ๏ธ No Pencils Required: Take the test on your laptop.

๐Ÿงฎ Built-in Calculator: No need to bring your own!

At Ivy Tutor, we’ve been diligently dissecting this new test, uncovering new concepts, and identifying the best strategies for success.

How our students are benefitting ๐ŸŽ“

The new SAT gives students a real alternative. For too long the ACT and SAT were so similar, students were being offered different brands of the same product. Now that students have a real alternative, they have double the chance to succeed.

The bottom line ๐Ÿ’ก

Even with test-optional policies, high SAT and ACT scores remain crucial. They’re key indicators of future success, from graduation to alumni contributions. A competitive score can boost college admission chances and merit aid opportunities.


Ari Freuman

Ari began his journey into test prep while working on his Masterโ€™s degree in Psychology at SUNY New Paltz and continued through his second Masterโ€™s in Statistics. Thanks to insights from his graduate-level studies, Ari became one of the top private tutors in the New York metropolitan era, where he earned a reputation as the original โ€œIvy Tutor.โ€ Ari decided to create Ivy Tutor when he realized how difficult it was, at any price point, to find tutors who could reliably help students reach their scoring potential.


The College admissions process can be incredibly stressful for students and their families. Ivy Tutor removes uncertainty from the test taking process, providing clear strategy and grounded guidance.

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